Sans Hands Sensor Faucets

Sans Hands, Waterfall Spout

Sans Hands, Gooseneck Spout

Sans Hands, Elbow Spout

Sans Hands, CiXX

Sans Hands, The Strap

SansHands Smart Sensor Faucets

Who says sensor faucets have to be boring?

Bacteria and viruses can linger on faucet handles themselves, where they can easily be

picked up when turning the water on and off. Sonoma Forge’s SansHands Automated Faucet Technology

eliminates the need to touch the faucet handles, thereby eliminating the transfer of harmful pathogens

from turning on and off a traditional faucet.


Many of Sonoma Forge’s exquisite spout designs are available as sensor faucets.

Our "SansHands" sensor configuration has no visible sensors, and no reliance on faulty infrared.

Sans Hands sensor faucets utilize state-of-the-art, hands-free technology based on a magnetic

field created from a low voltage current running through the spout’s metal.


The system is activated when your hand approaches the spout and breaks the field, providing a

smooth, sanitary experience along with the amazing designer styles only offered by Sonoma Forge.

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